Books – Old and Sacred Texts

Books - Old and Sacred Texts

Knowledge and information of 'the old ways' is hidden in many different guises - to name but a few:

  • Encoded into mythology
  • Hidden in folk-lore
  • Behind many of our customs & practices 
  • In ancient records of beliefs of the people  
  • Loosely hidden in 'histories' 
  • In childrens nursery rhymes 

It is available still, if we know where to look for it. Knowledge about beliefs, connections with the land or the 'other-world' and the worlds of the fae, magic, mysticism and the Old Ways is still to be had. A very good source is old books, once the domain of dusty library shelves, many of them now exist in a totally different domain - that of the pdf file.

Celtic Earth Spirit has spent considerable time tracing these files and accumulating them into one resource for you. They are all free to download.

To make it easier to locate books & texts on particular subject matters they are divided into different categories; as a guide to our thinking, a book on Goblins, Pixies and Fairies would come under 'Folk-Lore & Mythology' but a book on the same wee folk who inhabited Scotland would be listed under 'Scottish Texts'. Use the links below or the Navigation bar.

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