It’s Only Words

It’s only words!! As far as ‘bromides’ go in the English language, that has to be one of the worst ones. Most people will have come across the term ‘bromide’ in relation to the chemical compound potassium bromide; a sedative preparation. The term ‘bromide’ is also applied to words trying to achieve the same effect, … Read more

The Great Undoing

Brain-washing the ‘New Age’ Masses are searching; for answers, for meaning, for purpose, for an alternative to the shambles of a capitalist, consumer, materialistic society that is empty and hollow. ‘New-Age’ alternatives seem to provide a very real positive substitute; something that can feed our souls as well as our bodies, unfortunately the ‘mind’ doesn’t … Read more

Light-bulb Moments

Light Bulb

This is more than just a realisation, it is way more than a conclusion that you have slowly come to. When this happens to you it hits you with the force and speed of an express train. You feel it; in every cell of your body you feel it

Moss Piglets Inherit Mother Earth

Moss Piglet pushing the envelope of Animism

What the hell  is a ‘Moss Piglet’? Why would it inherit Mother Earth? What has its inheritance got to do with the price of a loaf of bread? In other words why is it relevant to US (human beings) and our lives in the here and now? Very valid questions with enormous relevance to our … Read more

If You Go Down To The Woods Today…..

What is it about woods or forests that petrifies some people? We are not talking here about small copses, spinneys, groves, thickets or any of the other numerous wonderful names that our English language has for small groups or areas of trees, we are talking about proper woodland or forest; large areas of….. trees, trees … Read more

Killing Them Softly

We all love a good celebration, don’t we? A chance to get out the glad-rags, have a good knees-up and thoroughly enjoy ourselves surrounded by people that we actually like? None more so than Pagans (I won’t say that I secretely think that this is one of the aspects that attracts many to paganism). Us … Read more

Howling, Dancing and Beating Our Drums

(Originally published 03/07/2017)  Let me set the scene for you: Celtic Earth Spirit’s Earth Camp – Earth Camp is about connection, it is ALWAYS about connection, the ground on which we are stood is ancient; ancient sacred ground where the veil between the worlds is thin. It is the Autumn of 2016 and the connection … Read more


We are human beings; I know that you wouldn’t have guessed if I hadn’t told you but I do have a very valid reason why I raise this point. Why BEINGS? What are we BEING? (Originally published 13/04/2017) The dictionary definition of ‘being’ is ​ a) existence – living, life, aliveness, actuality, essential nature, lifeblood, vital force b) … Read more

Pagan Is as Pagan Does

Following a ‘discussion’ on social media which turned into a one-sided tirade of abuse against me for expressing an opinion, I made a mental note to observe the frequency of this type of occurrence. What crime had I committed to attract such a tirade? I had expressed an opinion that we should recognise that we … Read more

Poetic Truth for Interesting Times

We live in ‘interesting’ times; there is the first usage of poetic truth (thank you to Nimue Brown for coining the phrase). Why use the term ‘interesting’ instead of using words that actually relate to the times that we are living in (I won’t type them for the very reason that we need to use … Read more