ReWild Your Knowing

ReWild Your knowing – A Deep Nature Connection for your Wild Soul. Re-Unite Mind, Body & Spirit. Essential 1st Step to following a Shamanic Path.

‘Knowing’ – is the way in which we perceive and judge the world. True knowing is not superficial; it is meaningful, significant and creates a deep relationship. Also called our ‘worldview’ this is the mind-set of animists. Yet western society has urbanized & domesticated us, completely changing this. In doing so it has seperated us from our connection with nature. To regain this connection you must rewild your knowing.

We are an intrinsic part of nature, we cannot be separated. If we say that we have lost ‘our connection’ with nature – then we have lost ourselves.

ReWilding is regaining that connection. ReWilding is setting your true wild self free.

We have four cognitive functions that combined allow us to perceive, react, process and store information; thinking, feeling, sensing and intuition. Our ability to use these & understand the world around us has been altered.

ReWild Your Knowing teaches how to plug yourself back into the natural world around you and put this right.

ReWild Your Knowing

  • Examines how urbanization & domestication happened
  • Explores cognitive functions
  • Enables you to identify & understand your function type
  • Provides ‘How To’ exercises throughout
  • Shows how to develop ‘feral vision’
  • Teaches how to expand your consciousness
  • Explains how to experience ‘encounters’
  • Provides support through Discord – enrollment (free) can be done from the course registration page.

+ This course is meant to be worked through slowly, (each lesson is designed to take at least one week or longer)
+ make sure that you fully understand the concept presented in each paragraph before moving on to the next
+ Do engage fully with the exercises, they will become your daily practices

The course is designed to change your life and if you want your life to change then you have to change what you do.

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  1. Our Domesticated Narrative
  2. ReWild Your Thinking
  3. ReWild Your Feelings
  4. ReWild Your Sensing
  5. ReWild Your Intuition
  6. Cognitive Functions In Action
  7. Plug In Connect & Develop
  8. Finding Our Humanity
  9. Expand Your Consciousness & Encounter
  10. This Skylark will change your life

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