Resources is the Information Section

A large repository of knowledge and information about the ‘Old Ways’ – the indigenous culture of the mainland of the British Isles.

Tall Anitquarian Library shelving linking to the Resources section of Celtic Earth Spirit
The Old Ways are about who we are and what we do; not so much described as a path that we ‘follow’, as this implies that we are walking toward a goal that we have yet to achieve. The Old Ways are HERE they are NOW, we LIVE them, they are at the very core, the very essence of our being. They infiltrate every aspect of our lives making them an extremely far-reaching concept. The resources section provides information relating to the different aspects of the world in which we live (Earth, Sea and Sky), how their energies work and most importantly how the interaction of our energies works with them.
Whilst we present the information in different sections it cannot be separated. All parts are intertwined; we stand and live off the land, we breathe the air and without water we would die. Likewise we cannot say “We spiritually revere Mother Earth” and then go out and rape and pillage the land by buying products that have caused immense damage to’Her’.To this end Resources provides a section on ‘Green Living’; with information on our food and additives, alternative solutions and growing our own food.Explore the ‘Resources’ sections through the links below or from the nav bar, within each are many pages.

  • The Land Beneath Our Feet – Find out the meaning of The Land Beneath Our Feet – We belong to the Land (not the other way around) find out how & why.
  • The Lady & The Sky Above Us – The Moon is the primary source of light in the darkness of the night skies – discover how she relates to & influences all life on Earth.
  • Water Water Everywhere – Water is intelligent, water is everywhere; oceans, rivers, in soil, in rocks, in the air, in US, plants & animals – find out why we need to be nice to it.
  • Like-Mind Finder – A free resource to help find folk who are like-minded or places/events where you can find them?
  • Traditional Craft Instructables – Traditional skills (the proper old ‘country crafts’) enabled our ancestors to make many of the items they needed themselves and they were made to last. Find FREE downloadable instructions in this section – from egg-baskets to cordage.
  • Books – Old & Sacred Texts – Ever wished that you could get a copy of that old and rare book with strange information, well now you can – from folk-lore to magic, esoteric to occult. Knowledge from across the British Isles all available as FREE PDF downloads. An amazing free resource.
  • Green Living – Living the ‘Green Life’ just got a little bit easier. The thing that drives ‘market trends is US the consumer – if we don’t buy it they will stop making it.
    What are the alternatives? Where can I learn? How do I find out? – HERE.