Books – Old and Sacred Texts

Knowledge the Old Ways is still to be had; the beliefs, connections with the land or the ‘other-world’ and the worlds of the fae, magic and mysticism. Old books; once the domain of dusty library shelves, now exist in a totally different domain – that of the pdf file.

Celtic Earth Spirit has spent considerable time tracing these files and accumulating them into one resource. They are all free to download.

Book - Myths & Legends of The Celtic Race
Myths & Legends of the Celtic Race

Knowledge and information of ‘the old ways’ is hidden in many different guises – to name but a few:

  • Encoded into mythology
  • Hidden in folk-lore
  • Behind many of our customs & practices 
  • In ancient records of beliefs of the people  
  • Loosely hidden in ‘histories’ 
  • In childrens nursery rhymes 

It is available still, if we know where to look for it.

To make it easier to locate books & texts on particular subject matters they are divided into different categories.

As a guide to our thinking; Goblins, Pixies and Fairies would come under ‘Folk-Lore & Mythology’ but the same wee folk who inhabited Scotland would be listed under ‘Scottish Texts’. Use the links below or the Nav bar to access the categories.

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