Devon and Cornish Texts

Devon & Cornish Texts

Devon and Cornish texts from ‘Brythonic’ origins – Brythonic the original language of the tribes of the mainland of the British Isles and their culture remain with us today in the dialects of Welsh, Breton and Cornish. Cumbric, has been lost (excepting a few remnants).

Cornwall almost lost its language (but has undergone a revival in recent years), its folk-lore is also harder to find – we cannot let this be lost.

The old boundaries were different to today’s and for this reason we also include books and texts from a Devon origin in this section.

In the 19th century William Bottrell compiled three volumes of Cornish folklore, legends and historical tales. This is the first book in that series. He tells stories of giants, mermaids, and a Cornish fairies including the spriggan, bucca, and the knackers. He also describes Cornish folk magic, and folklore about witches.

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Tales Of The Dartmoor Pixies details some folk-lore and tales of the pixies. The stories were ‘gathered from the peasantry of Dartmoor, and they may be accepted as representative of the class of stories told of the elves of superstition–the pixies.’

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