Folklore and Mythology

Folklore and Mythology

The following books & texts were mainly recorded in writing over 100 years ago and are a representation of a far older & ancient heritage of the Brythonic peoples, representing the folk-lore & mythologies, the legends & spiritual histories.

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A study of some of the themes found in the folklore of the West of England. Topics include: The Spirit of Man; The Body of Man; The Ancient Divinities; Sacrifice; The Mystery of Death; Skulls; Pixies and Brownies; and Birth and Marriage. Pub 1913
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Covers a wide range of mythology, including animals in primitive and culture myths; tree and plant myths; myths of the sun, moon and stars; sky and air myths; and mother and child myths. Pub 1913Download Here

This book discusses Animism via cults, and folk-lore and mythology. Chapters include; The Animistic Stage of Culture; The Discovery of the Soul; Belief in “Free Spirits”; Condition of the Discarnate Soul; Death not Always Regarded as Inevitable; and, Residua of Animism. Pub 1919
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British goblins, Welsh folk-lore, fairy mythology, legends and traditions. Tales about mountain and lake fairies, changelings, fairy rings, fairy and ancient mythology, and the classification of Welsh fairies. Pub 1880Download Here

Considered one of the greatest of the Scottish Celtic scholars, Macbain really delves into the beliefs of the Celts. A short but informative book. Pub 1885Download Here

This illustrated book from the late 19th Century, covers a wide range of subjects concerning the devil and demonology in general. A truly fascinating book. Pub 1879Download Here
Perhaps the best representation and description of all the legends, myths and spiritual histories of Ireland, Britain and Wales, this collection includes the stories of Ultonian and Ossianic cycles, the voyage of Maeldum, and the myths and tales of the Cymry (Welsh). Pub 1911Download Here

A comprehensive study of the mythology of the dragon on a world-wide scale. Anyone wishing to study dragons will find this a treasure-trove of information on the subject. Pub 1928Download Here

A selection of tales from around the world including: The Story Of The First Hummingbird; The Story Of The First Butterflies; Why The Woodpecker’s Head Is Red; Why The Cat Always Falls Upon Her Feet; Why The White Hares Have Black Ears; and many, many more. Pub 1904
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A study of the symbolism of precious stones, and how they have been used as magical objects through the ages, both intrinsically, and as a vehicle for symbolic engravings. Pub 1922Download Here

The author of this work presents the Celtic version of the classic myth in a translation that reflects the spirit and beauty of the original Gaelic. Pub 1911Download Here

A look into the culture, language and folklore of the English Roma in the mid-19th Century. Words Which Have Passed Into English Slang; Proverbs And Chance Phrases. Pub 1873Download Here

A Study in Magic and Religion – a wide-ranging, comparative study of mythology and religion. It attempts to define the shared elements of religious belief and scientific thought. Pub 1890
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An interesting book all about that most magical of creatures, the unicorn. Shepard takes us through the references to unicorns, history and discusses certainties, conjectures, and fantasy. Pub1930Download Here

Includes: The Celts, their Mythology and Gods; The Mythical History Of Ireland & Britain; The Heroic Cycle Of Ancient Ulster; The Fenian/ Ossianic, Sagas & Arthurian Legend. Pub 1909Download Here

MacCullough details the belief in reincarnation & spectral otherworld; documents the enormous pantheon of now-obscure gods and goddesses and describes totemistic & animistic beliefs. Pub 1911Download Here

A King, a monk called Patience and the dead body of a Goblin hanging from a Sissoo tree; this is the beginning of this tale. Pub 1917Download Here

Illustrated. A collection of six fairy tales from the West Country of Brython. Pub 1854Download Here

A Study Of Fairy Tales is an interesting historical document sharing many theories of childhood education and the usage of fairy tales in education from the early 20th century.Pub 1916Download Here

A collection of fairy tales and other stories with categories such as Ghosts, Goblins, Fairies, Historical and Legends, Nursery Tales, Giants, and Witchcraft. Around 74 tales altogether. Pub 1890Download Here