Magic and Occult

Magic and Occult

Several of these books date back 300/400 years, they are some of the earliest written records on Magic & the Occult and are some of the most intriguing and informative books that you will ever come across.

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“The Original of Magicians ; and how some of them were made Kings… How the ancient Magi who study’d Philosophy, Astronomy, etc. were induc’d to turn Wizards and Sorcerers and deal with the Devil” Pub 1729Download Here A True And Faithful Relation Of What Passed For Many Yeers Between Dr. John Dee (A Mathematician Of Great Fame In Q. Eliz. And King James Their Reigns) And Some Spirits. Tending (Had It Succeeded) To A General Alteration Of Most States And Kingdoms In The World… Pub 1659Download Here The first text presented here, written by James I of England, is a wide-ranging discussion of witchcraft, necromancy, possession, demons, were-wolves, fairies and ghosts, in the form of a Socratic dialogue. The second text is a sensational historical account of Scottish witch persecution.  Pub 1597Download Here This book discusses spells, incantations and talismans used within Roma culture, as well as the more practical magic they use in their interaction with the Gorgios–the non-Gypsies. Pub 1891
Download Here This intriguing, informative, fully illustrated volume serves up a tantalizing trove of facts and lore on the philosophy and practice of evil down through the ages and around the world. Pub 1900Download Here This is a series of essays by Walter Scott on the subject of the witch-craze, demonology, and other occult topics. Scott has an antiquarian mind, and obviously relishes exposing the reader to the grotesque and the unusual. Pub 1830Download Here Common superstitions and folk-lore, and the history behind them. From the horse shoe, to salt; from lucky numbers to lucky days; it’s an interesting read about how people came to view certain objects, etc, as lucky or unlucky. Pub 1898
Download Here A work of popular science first published in Naples in 1558. Its twenty books include observations upon geology, optics, medicines, poisons, cooking, metallurgy and magnetism as well as cosmetics, perfumes, gunpowder and invisible writing. Pub 1669 Download Here Introduction to the Art of Divination from Tea-Leaves; Ritual and Method of Using the Teacup; General Principles To Be Observed in Reading the Cup; An Alphabetical List of Symbols with Their Significations; Specimen Cups, with Interpretations; and, Omens. Download Here The Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer; being a Complete System of Occult Philosophy is a handbook of the occult and ceremonial magic. This is Book 1 of 2 Pub 1801Download Here

Book 2 of 2 Pub 1801

Download Here

A compendium of transcendental doctrine and experiment: embracing an account of magical practices; of secret sciences in connection with magic; of the professors of magical arts; and of modern spiritualism, mesmerism and theosophy. Pub 1891Download Here