Old Ways Druid and Pagan

Old Ways Druid and Pagan

This page contains old and ancient books & texts on the Druid & Pagan aspects of The Old Ways (free pdf downloads)

The knowledge & beliefs of the Old Ways can be found in Old (Shamanic) Ways.

The Lore and Gramarye of the Old Ways is being recorded in our Secret Garden

Some of these are famously known texts by very well known names, others are delightfully obscure, many are ancient and will contain written material from sources that we no longer have available to us today.

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Everything you need to know about the Druids; their dress, religious doctrines, how they lived, etc. (or what they thought in 1650). Originally Pub 1650 – this translation 1886Download Here

4 chapters; The Druids; The Druids Continued; The Ancient Churches Of Ireland; and The Round Towers Of Ireland. Pub 1871Download Here

This classic of neo-Paganism is one of the few books which purports to be an actual sacred text of traditional witchcraft, in particular that of the Tuscan region of Italy. On New Years day 1897, a woman named Maddelena handed over to Charles Leland a document in her own handwriting, the Vangel, which is the core of this book. Maddelena then reportedly went missing. Pub 1899Download Here

Chapters include: Magic; Cosmology; Personal Power; The Altar; The Airts; The Circle Of Art; Invocation; Garb; Symbols, Omens, And Divination; Basic Energy Work; Herbs, Oils, And Incense; Stones And Crystal Stones And Crystals.  Pub ?Download Here

With illustrative legends, superstitions, usages, etc, exhibiting its origins and development amongst the Eastern and Western nations of the world from the earliest to modern times. Pub 1890Download Here

Taken from the Preface: “The period when the events narrated in the following Poem happened, or are supposed to have happened, was soon after the introduction of Christianity into Britain and its neighbouring Isles.” Pub1830Download Here

The History Of The Cross: The Pagan Origin And Idolatrous Adoption And Worship Of The Image, was published in 1871 and examines the connection between Christian and Pagan symbols. The author is apparently really against what he sees as object worship and tells us why we shouldn’t do it. Pub1871Download Here

This scholarly, but very readable, book covers what was known about Druids and Irish Paganism at the end of the nineteenth century. It discusses many of the concepts which later would be utilized by the Wiccan movement to construct Celtic Neo-Paganism. Pub 1894Download Here

This book provides a systematic and logical approach to the origins of religion. Many common themes are shown to exist between Christianity and earlier Pagan religions that go back in time centuries before Christianity itself. Pub 1921Download Here

Poems Of Paganism, or Songs of Life and Love, contains 60 poems.Pub 1895Download Here

From the Introduction: ‘Although it would be difficult to fix the precise time when the Pagan Saxon mode of sepulture ceased in this country, there is yet a very considerable interval during which it must have obviously prevailed.’ Pub ?Download Here

A look into the customs of that most scary of nights – Halloween. Includes Sun-Worship, The Sources Of Hallowe’en, The Celts: Their Religion And Festivals, Samhain, Origin And Character Of Hallowe’en Omens, Beliefs And Customs. Pub 1919Download Here

The Book of Shadows was attributed by Gardner to an ancient, clandestine witch cult, which he claimed to have been initiated into. However, modern researchers have concluded that it was composed by Gardner. Pub ?Download Here

This work discusses the mythology and rites of the British druids ascertained by national documents and compared with the general traditions and customs of heathenism, as illustrated by the most eminent antiquaries of the age. Pub 1809Download Here

The rollright stones; the stonehenge of Oxfordshire; with some account of the ancient druids and sagas rendered into English, illustrated with camera and pen. Pub ?Download Here

This short booklet explains the hidden meaning of that great Christian/Pagan celebration, Christmas. It talks about the symbols, such as the three wise men, the resurrection and other things. Pub ?Download Here

This is a rare translation of two works on pagan theology with a Platonic theme by the Roman Emperor Julian. The short-lived Emperor Julian succeeded Constantius in 361 CE. He shocked the empire by renouncing Christianity, which earned him the title ‘the Apostate’ by Church historians. Pub 1793Download Here

Witchcraft Today recounts Gardner’s thoughts on the history and the practices of the witch-cult, and his claim to have met practising Witches in 1930s England. Pub 1954Download Here