Green Living


Green Living

Living the ‘Green Life’ has just got that little bit easier

When you live by ‘The Old Ways’ one of your main concerns is making sure that what you do causes no harm to the Earth.

Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints

This is getting almost impossible to do today, in the 21stC – we are technologically advanced and environmentally/ecologically backward. Our lives, our food and the products that we need to sustain ourselves are governed by large corporations whose only interest is in their profit margins, to hell with anything else; including the Earth and our health.

It is not Government & legislation or the big corporations that drive market trends  –   it is us  –  the consumer  –  if we stop buying it  –  they will stop making it!

We don’t have to play by their rules, with a little effort we can ensure that we really DO live the ‘Green Life’, creating better health for ourselves and a lot less damage to the Earth & environment. Where do we start? It is such a  minefield! That is what the pages in this section are here to help with.

What’s Really in Our Food?

From ‘E’ numbers to ingredients with names that sound as if they are more at home in a chemistry experiment, the food industry (and it is an industry) has many ways that they disguise the ingredients that they are putting in our food. On this page you will find it all revealed – including the hidden tricks to avoid complying with legislation.

Make Your Own – The Natural Alternatives

Contrary to what the adverts will tell you – that you need a product for this and another one for that; all with masses of chemicals in (of course), you really don’t – if the products were actually any good they wouldn’t need to spend a fortune on advertising them. Nature has a solution for virtually anything – find them here and save yourself a small fortune at the same time.

Growing Your Own

Of course the one sure-fire way of knowing what has gone into your food is to produce it yourself, from starting with the right seeds (more important than most folk realise), through soil types (if you have the wrong soil for it, it won’t grow) to natural fertilisers and pest control. Complete novice or experienced grower – you will find loads of information here.

It doesn’t have to be done all in one go or be a total lifestyle change (although that can be more fun), there are a myriad of small changes that you can make that will have a real and lasting effect on your health, your wallet and the Earth.

One small change a week and at the end of the year – WOW – that is 52 changes, that is a real effect.