Earth Warriors

Earth Warriors

An Earth Warrior is one who defends Mother Earth – our home, and all things in the natural world that cannot defend themselves.

A Warrior is not one who starts a fight – a warrior is one who defends.

  • A warrior is one who stands up for what is right – that knowledge of right & wrong that is built into the very code of our DNA, which is sometimes very hard to hear in society today with its many contradictions.
  • A warrior stands for that which is honest, just and fair.
  • A warrior respects all, they have no need to prove themselves, they act with honour as they know that how they act is a reflection of their true selves and that they cannot hide from themselves.
  • A warrior must have an intelligent and strong heroic courage and be willing to rise up when the masses are afraid to act
  • A warrior has compassion and uses their power and strength for the good of all
  • A warrior is sincere & loyal, their word is as good as their bond and having done or said something they know that they own it and are responsible for all consequences.

Our duty is to reach deep inside of ourselves and hear our inner knowledge.

The Earth can no longer wait


Kinsmen, hear my raging voice!
The time has come to make a choice
See this, our world, now feel her pain
As man treats her with cheap disdain
Stand fast my tribe! We must stand strong
And witness evil doing wrong
We must act now, we cannot wait
To change our worlds abysmal fate
Now clear your throats and stand up tall
Board steady boats, climb solid walls
Take to the fields, stretch far and wide
Leave excess greed, draw out your pride
Shout from the roofs, commence, henceforth
Shield mother earth, stand fast, come forth!
Take on the role, address your souls
My Celtic clans, join me, enrol!
We must break through and take a stand
Defend this home, our motherland
Give her a chance to breathe and live
Shield her with all we have to give
Kinsmen, to thine own self, be true
Be humble in all things you do
Defend her fields, her trees, her skies
Don’t live in vain, or question why
Hear this, my plea, we shall not fall!
Fight for our earth, for one and all!

 © The Writer of the Woods (A.D) © 2015

Becoming an Earth Warrior


For those who seriously wish to dedicate themselves to becoming an ‘Earth Warrior’ – here is a dedication for you to use – best conducted in ceremony or ritual. Not to be undertaken lightly but with the honesty, integrity and heroic courage of the warrior. Your witnesses are the people you are calling to – the Ancestors who have trodden this path before you and the Sentinels (Guardian Spirits).

Your Word is Your Bond

Guardians Prayer 

(Travis Bowman)

To all who have stood true for the good of their communitiesTo all who have held strong against overwhelming oppositionTo all who have remained vigilant outside the fire’s warmth

I give greatest thanks And pray for your guidance on this guardian path

Grant my senses clarity that I might see the peaceful way through dangerous times, hear the cries of those in need, and smell wood-smoke before the fire catches

Lead my hands as they shape a safer world and lead my feet to the places where I might be the greatest good    

Thank you, sentinels, for all you’ve givenThank you for standing beside me, behind me and before me

A circle completed as I step into place

Here      Now      Standing

We are not all in the same position; family commitments, work, finances, health & more will affect the way in which we are able to commit.



  • Sign Petitions
  • Send E-mails
  • Join a local group
  • Take ‘Direct Action’
  • Join in Demonstrations/Marches
  • Donate to help those who are taking action
  • Shop mindfully – do not buy products from companies causing the damage/problem


This web-site is here to help you – Green Living for making personal differences & new pages in The Land Beneath Our Feet on what/where the problems are and opportunities for action (coming soon).

Going on to a War Footing

Jonathon Porritt

“…..there’s a War onThat may sound a bit over the top, and I know how people in this wonderful green movement of ours dislike militaristic metaphors. But if you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a war zone, which is absolutely not of your own making, you either get involved, however reluctantly, as a fully signed-up combatant, or you let the b******s walk all over you.

It’s as simple as that. This Tory Government has declared war on the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. There is no rationale (let alone strategic logic) behind this, other than to reinforce the case it is now obsessively making for hydrocarbons (particularly gas, and particularly new fracked gas) and for nuclear.”