Come along and join us in person at one of our Happenings.
Re-wild your soul by taking a journey to meet with the forces of nature and the divine on one of our pilgrimages, or join us for a workshop where you will get to work with the natural resources of the land.

Earth Camp Pilgrimage

Earth camp is unique – a spiritual quest in one of this lands few remaining true wildernesses – a ‘thin’ place where to commune within nature is to encounter the magical forces of the divine and Otherworld.         Read more……..


A range of workshops that celebrate the customs, lore and practices handed down from our Brythonic Ancestors that now form our heritage and culture.
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The Old Ways Training

An introductory level traineeship delivered in 24 modules – designed to be completed over the course of a year. This training covers the basic knowledge, understanding and philosophies of this way of living.
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