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Self-Belief – Self-Growth – Purpose & Meaning – Confidence, Direction & Fulfilment

Your ‘Best Life’ is one that encompasses reaching new levels of self awareness and self growth, that ultimately leads to taking actions that help you to discover and hone into interests, talents, and passions that will give true meaning to your life.

I’m Chris, Animist-Shamanist, Herbalist & Re-Wilding Coach – I’m a trained teacher & counsellor who has been coaching & teaching deep nature connection, animistic & shamanistic practices and the ‘Old Ways’ of the British Isles for over 12 years. Deep nature connection is an intimate relationship with the natural world of which we are an intrinsic part. It allows us to reconnect with our true selves and find our spirituality.

I have been a natural intuitive, connecting with Otherworld and working with nature for as long as I can remember, I am dedicated to helping you find the answers that you are seeking, nurture your own unique gifts and achieve your best life.

We Are Nature – and if we say we have lost our connection, then we have lost ourselves.

Chris Hurst
Chris Hurst

We all have particular moments in life when we know that something has to change and it is time to move on and evolve. Sometimes we need a little help with that process; change isn’t easy.


ReWild & Discover Your True Self in Nature

ReWilding is the term used to describe the recovery of natural places. But we cannot forget ourselves, we are increasingly sunk in ‘civilisations rat-race’. Rewilding is also about the recovery of us.

Overcome the negative effects of human domestication and restore your inherent, natural, wild & free way of living.


Faeries Oracle (illustrated by Brian Froud)
Wildwood Tarot
Wildwood Tarot

Using my natural intuition/shamanistic skills and my tool of choice – either the ‘Faeries Oracle’ (illustrated by Brian Froud) or the ‘Wildwood Tarot’ gives me connection to ‘Otherworld’ and the capability of delivering the information/knowledge/messages that you need.

I have ‘known things’ that I have no normal way of knowing, and connected with Otherworld for as long as I can remember; a ‘skill’ which used to get me into terrible trouble as a child.

A reading provides guidance/advice on everyday life issues, possibilities for future direction and potential solutions to problems.

Readings are not about predicting the future as a definite outcome, nothing can do that as everything constantly changes from moment to moment. People have will (and won’t) power, it only takes one person to change their mind about something to alter a whole raft of outcomes.

How I Work

I work on a bespoke basis responding to your personal needs & requirements.

I offer from single sessions (1hr upwards) to complete packages agreed prior to commencement.

Delivery is either in person (within 15km of Tamworth UK, travel costs apply over this distance) or Online via Zoom


  • Spiritual & Personal Development
  • Cognitive Functions Assessment
  • ReWilding Coaching
  • Intuitive Counselling/Guidance
  • Readings – Intuitive Tarot/Oracle
  • Change Management
  • Ceremony & Ritual


Thank You

My Reading mirrored exactly where I am at the moment, what is holding me back, my fears, my dreams and how I can negotiate them to get to where I want to be. A knowledge and insight that only a truly grounded person could impart; a true earth mother. Kind, strong and generous with her time. She guided me every step of the way. Many thanks

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''For many years now, I have been calling upon the Tarot reading services of Chris Hurst. The readings have always been meaningful and very insightful. Over the years I have followed a path of spiritual growth and the readings have played a pivotal role in this. Sometimes highlighting forthcoming challenges, other times identifying problems that I had not yet recognised myself. Chris presents the readings in a clear and concise manner, and she is always willing to offer additional, pertinent guidance. I highly recommend Chris to anyone seeking a Tarot reading.''

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