Living Your Best Life

Self-Belief – Self-Growth – True Meaning – Connect Your Reality with Your Dreams – Fulfilment

Your ‘Best Life’ is one that encompasses reaching new levels of self awareness and self growth, that ultimately leads to taking actions that help you to discover and hone into interests, talents, and passions that will give true meaning to your life.

I’m Chris, an Animist, Herbalist & Re-Wilding Coach – I’m a trained teacher & counsellor and have been teaching deep nature connection for over 10 years. Deep nature connection is an intimate relationship with our natural environment of which we are an intrinsic part.

We Are Nature – and if we say we have lost our connection, then we have lost ourselves.

Chris Hurst
Chris Hurst

Lost track of who You really are? Lack purpose or meaning in Your life? No self-belief, confidence or direction?

We all have particular moments in life when we know that something has to change and it is time to move on and evolve. Sometimes we need a little help with that process. Change isn’t easy; it takes both effort and commitment. With nature as my co-coach I am dedicated to helping you nurture your own unique gifts and achieve your best life.

ReWild & Discover Your True Self in Nature

ReWilding is the term used to describe the recovery of natural places. But we cannot forget ourselves, we are increasingly sunk in ‘civilisations rat-race’. Rewilding is also about the recovery of us.

Overcome the negative effects of human domestication and restore your inherent, natural, wild & free way of living.

How I Work

I work on a bespoke basis responding to your personal needs & requirements.

I teach you how to work with the natural world to reconnect. Help you to find your true wild nature, regain your self-belief & move toward to living your best life. You will learn far more from nature than you will ever learn from another human being.

I can deliver my coaching through online modules, pdf, email, video and person-to-person to suit different requirements.

Connection with Earth, Nature & Self

Nature’s Positive Processes

The Amazing Universe Within

4-day EarthCamp (Meet the Mountain & The Celtic Rainforest.)

Re-activate Your Self-Belief

Connect Your Reality to Your Dreams

1 hour live Zoom sessions and a Discord support group can also be provided

This Is Your Call to Action

Take advantage of a 45 minute complimentary session to find out more about how my coaching works and tell me what you are looking for.

You get the chance to ask any questions and if we both feel that we are a good match for each other we can explore suitable options and what may work best for you.

I only take on clients if I feel that I can genuinely help. There is no such thing as a ‘magic wand’ and any coaching will only be successful if the client is prepared to put the work in.

If I can’t help I am always happy to refer to other coaches who may be more suited to particular circumstances.

Costs are dependent upon the requirements of the individual.

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