Lore Keepers

Lore Keepers is a new section & will grow as we record the information. So do keep coming back and check the updates.

Lore Keepers are those who hold the traditions & knowledge of the ways. They were the wise women & cunning men, the herbalists & apothecaries, the bards who kept the memories of the tribe in verse & song;  the knowledge they kept was hidden to keep it safe. There are still a few Lore Keepers about today and the knowledge is still there for those who know where to look.

This section is a repository for that knowledge – dedicated to preserving it for posterity.

Plantago Major
The Humble & Persistent Little Weed - Plantain
Wise Woman's Power Plant - Mugwort

Lore-Keepers & those practicing Hedgecraft will find fair-trade, eco-friendly and/or Organic supplies in our Market Place

Organic Essential Oils
Pestle & Mortars
Sacred Herbs
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