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Exclusive Content

Grandma Lukie’s Cookbook

Is a series of podcasts, articles and pdf downloads containing the knowledge of the ‘Cunning Craft’. The remedies, the medicinal plants, the customs, practices and culture. It will also contain recipes and ‘how-to guides’ that have been handed down through the generations.

Lore & Gramarye:

In the time when literacy was possessed by very few, the knowledge of the culture was passed on by the oral tradition. It was entwined in story, rhyme & mythologies (this made it easier to remember).  These were eventually recorded in writing and became our folk tales, fairy stories and myths. They carry a deeper structure of meaning that is otherwise hidden from the everyday world. They carry articulations from a hidden world and reveal ‘otherness’ and ‘enchantment’. Even in their written form we are in danger of losing these, so many have been ‘out of print’ for decades. This is a series that returns these stories to their narrative form. Recored as podcasts for posterity. Sit back, relax and listen, put the magic back into your life.

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