Earth Care Clothing

Earth Care Clothing is Celtic Earth Spirit’s unique range of designs for lovers of the Earth, Nature and Gramarye (the lore of our lands [very often called Folk-lore] and Word-Magic).

  • All products are organic, highly environmentally friendly and more than Fair-Trade.
  • The Credentials for the fabrics (organic cotton and/or Tencel), inks and manufacturing and printing processes can be found in the side-bar ‘Earth Care Clothing – Product Information‘ which is visible on every page.
  • The designs are unique (taken from actual photographs) and will not be found anywhere else.
  • If you have any queries you can use our ‘Contact‘ page to email us.
  • Sizes – given as ACTUAL size of the garment each style therefore has different measurements. Every garment has a size illustration on its page, alternatively there is a size chart to compare all styles in the left side-bar.

All garments are manufactured by Continental Clothing from their ‘Earth Positive’ range and have the following accreditation’s.

Shop by Style – if you want to see all the designs available for a particular garment style

Shop by Design – if you want to see all the garment styles for a particular design

We have discontinued our discount codes for people belonging to specific groups and have reduced the prices across the range so that now everyone gets the same great deal:- all hoodies are now £37.50, all stretch T’s & Tops £19.99 and all Tencel garments £22.50.