Earth Care Clothing

Earth Care Clothing is Celtic Earth Spirit’s unique range of designs for lovers of the Earth, Nature and Gramarye (the lore of our lands [very often called Folk-lore] and Word-Magic).

  • All products are organic, highly environmentally friendly and more than Fair-Trade.
  • The Credentials for the fabrics (organic cotton and/or Tencel), inks and manufacturing and printing processes can be found in the side-bar ‘Earth Care Clothing – Product Information‘ which is visible on every page.
  • The designs are unique (taken from actual photographs) and will not be found anywhere else.
  • If you have any queries you can use our ‘Contact‘ page to email us.
  • Sizes – given as ACTUAL size of the garment each style therefore has different measurements. Every garment has a size illustration on its page, alternatively there is a size chart to compare all styles in the left side-bar.

All garments are manufactured by Continental Clothing from their ‘Earth Positive’ range and have the following accreditation’s.

Shop by Style – if you want to see all the designs available for a particular garment style

Shop by Design – if you want to see all the garment styles for a particular design

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