Colophony (Pine Lump) Resin – 50g


Colophony: Pine Lump Resin

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Colophony: Pine Lump Resin

Latin Name: Pinus sylvestris

Plant Family: Pinaceae

Other Names: Colophonium, Greek Pitch, Resina Colophonium, Rosin, Gum Rosin, Wood Rosin, Pine Rosin, Pine Resin & Resina Terebinthinae.


Colophany has antiseptic and expectorant properties.


Colophony (Pine Lump) Resin comes from an evergreen coniferous tree native to Europe and Asia. The tree grows to 35-45 metres in height, and can live for up to 300 years, the bark is thick, scaly and greyish-brown in colour. The leaves known as ‘needles’ form in alternate ‘pseudo-whorls’ and are a glaucous blue-green in colour, 2.5–5cm in length. The seed cones are red at first ripening to golden-brown, globule in shape and 4-8mm in diameter in their first year, growing to 3-8cm in their second year.

Interesting Fact:

Colophany is a by-product from the making of pine needle oil? When the oil is distilled, the soft gummy resinous substance that is left over becomes known as an oleoresin. This soft colophony oleoresin, known as rosin, is also utilised to enable violin strings to have the friction they need, in order to produce a sound when the bow is pulled across the strings.


Incense use in blends.
An ingredient in the making of printing inks, varnishes, glue and soaps.
Pharmacological industry to make ointments and zinc oxide plasters.
Perfume and cosmetic industry,


Some people can be allergic to this resin; direct contact with the resin on the skin can cause skin irritation, whilst breathing in the dust can cause asthma-like symptoms.
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