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Plantain Leaf is listed as having the following Properties:

Antibacterial: – destroys or suppresses the growth of bacteria
Antimicrobial: – destroys or stops the growth of microorganisms
Anti-inflammatory: – reduces inflammation
Anti-toxic: – counteracts toxins
Vulnerary: – of use in the healing of wounds
Astringent: – encourages skin cells to contract

Plantain Leaf May Benefit:

Digestive System
Respiratory System

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Traditional Uses:

Plantain is very high in vitamins A and C and in calcium.
The chewed leaves are a traditional treatment for bee stings & insect bites, the itching of nettle stings, allergic rashes and to promote healing in minor burns, cuts and sores.
The leaves can be used to make a salve for the above purposes.
New young leaves can be used raw in salads and cooked as ‘greens’.
Older leaves can be used to make a tea/tissane.
Plantain tea can also be used as a mouthwash for sore gums.

Our Plantain Leaf:

Is Wildcrafted and sustainably harvested in Bulgaria
Is not heat treated or irradiated and is free from GMO’s
Should be infused in boiling water before consumption.
A certificate of analysis can be provided for this product if required.

Cautions: None known but like any substance care should be taken as it is possible to have allergies, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding we recommend seeking medical advice before you consider using any herbal product.
Allergens: Nuts, gluten, celery, milk/dairy and mustard are handled on the site where this product is processed. Handling procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of allergens being present, but we cannot guarantee our ingredients are totally free of traces in the product supplied.
Information provided in the Herbal Apothecary is from the ‘folk herbalist’ tradition and does not pretend to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Celtic Earth Spirit advises you to consult a medical professional before trying any herbal product.

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