Spell Candle Kit for Cleansing


A complete kit for creating your own small spell candles for use in cleansing rituals.

Kit Contains:

4 x Wax Sheets. 7.5cm x 10cm (100% Natural Beeswax)
4 x Wicks
Juniper Powder Incense (traditionally used throughout the British archipelago for Saining rituals)
4 x Tables of Correspondences
Full 3 page document of complete instructions.

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Saining is the traditional ritual of the British archipelago for cleansing and purification, it is similar to the idea of smudging but very different; it remained in use the longest in Scottish Folk Magic where it was still being used after the birth of a baby in the 1960’s.

A lot of people are using white sage to ‘smudge’; this is potentially the worst example of cultural appropriation. White sage and smudging are traditions of Native American people and are not used for cleansing (spaces or anything else), it is a ritual for purification of the person prior to connection with spirit.  Western Capitalists eager to cash in on the ‘latest white person trend’ are causing massive problems by decimating the plants of white sage in their natural environment. Every time somebody buys white sage they are increasing this problem.

Our beeswax and Juniper are sourced responsibly, they are from sustainable sources and are eco-friendly.

The pictures show one page out of four for the tables of correspondences; and one page out of three for the full instructions.

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