What’s Really in Our Food


What’s Really in Our Food

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The Food Industry

Yes it is an industry – our food is manufactured – the same way that our cars or our washing machines are manufactured.

Producing on an industrial scale, using the cheapest ingredients is only done to keep their costs down and maximise their profits.

The question that we should really be asking is ‘Why is the food so damn CHEAP?’

Many of the ‘ingredients‘ contained in these industrially produced commercial products are not even ‘food’ – they are chemically produced fake alternatives – so how has it become so widely accepted – that is the job of the marketing department, to convince us that these products are not only OK, they are good for us.

The situation isn’t made any better by the minefield that is ‘food labelling’ – there is no one accepted system and the legislation governing it is very lax.  Food Labelling Chaos Report pdf – Download File

To help you unravel this chaotic minefield we provide the following handy lists

Food Additives

  • What are food additives and why are they necessary?
  • How is the safety of food additives evaluated in Europe?
  • How are food additives regulated in Europe?
  • What is an E-number?
  • Do food additives cause hyperactivity?
  • Can food additives cause allergies or food intolerance reactions?
  • What food additives are used in Europe?
  • Annex 1: Questions and Answers about Acceptable Daily Intakes (ADIs)

Find the full information here – on the EUFIC website

(EUFIC – The European Food Information Council, is a non-profit organisation, established in 1995, which stands up for science-based information on food and health.)

Complete list of E-Numbers

This information is currently being compiled for you and will be with you shortly

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