Thank You

My Reading mirrored exactly where I am at the moment, what is holding me back, my fears, my dreams and how I can negotiate them to get to where I want to be. A knowledge and insight that only a truly grounded person could impart; a true earth mother. Kind, strong and generous with her … Read more


”For many years now, I have been calling upon the Tarot reading services of Chris Hurst. The readings have always been meaningful and very insightful. Over the years I have followed a path of spiritual growth and the readings have played a pivotal role in this. Sometimes highlighting forthcoming challenges, other times identifying problems that … Read more

ReWild Your Knowing (Course)

Hi Chris I’m not rushing it, as I normally would with study. I’m taking my time and emerging myself in the thought process I need to get into. Loving the way it makes me feel and think. The way it makes me disect my attitudes and sometimes those of others. Thank you for the opportunity … Read more

Earth Camp 2019

I’ll definitely come back in the spring – Cader had a very profound effect on me x