Welcome to Celtic Earth Spirit – for Followers of Animistic Spirituality
The indigenous Brythonic (often called Celtic), Earth-based culture of the mainland of the British Isles.

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To Be Howling Wild

To Be the Earth Mothers’ Child &

To Walk With the Elements Around You


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Animism 101

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Animism 101 – an online course for all those who are interested in cultivating a greater affinity with a world brimming with intelligent presences.

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Celtic Earth Spirit

Welcome to our project to preserve the knowledge & culture of our ancestry for posterity, lest we should lose contact with the ancient ones.

The essence & primal inner wisdom of our culture is stored in our Mythologies, Folklore, Customs & Practices. Within them you will find the knowledge, beliefs & practices of our ancestors alongside ancient lessons on viable living on this earth, the places where you can meet the Fae and the wisdom of the trees. 

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This project is self-funded, please consider supporting us, to help ensure that we can continue to record this information.

C21st Animist

C21st Animist is for everyone with an interest in animism; or would just like to find out more. Animism – ‘the relationship with all that is’, has to be lived – we live in the C21st and we need the paradigm of animism now more than ever.

C21st Animist will cover all aspects of an animistic lifestyle. A community of people ‘relating’, a place to ask questions, to talk with other animists. Information on videos in the ‘pipeline’ can be found in the ‘Discussion’ tab of the channel. Subscribe to the channel and join us.

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