Celtic Earth Spirit

 Animism – the indigenous culture of the British Isles – Our relationship with the natural world
And for all who follow an Earth-based Spirituality

Learn to be Mad

To Be Howling Wild

To Be the Earth Mothers’ Child &

To Walk With the Elements Around You


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Celtic Earth Spirit

Welcome to our project to preserve the knowledge & culture of our ancestry for posterity, lest we should lose contact with the ancient ones.

Our Mythologies, Folklore, Customs & Practices, recorded for posterity.
Within them you will find the knowledge, beliefs & practices of our ancestors.

This project is self-funded, please consider supporting us, to help ensure that we can continue to record this information.

C21st Animist

Animism – ‘the relationship with all that is’, has to be lived – we live in the C21st and we need the paradigm of animism now more than ever.

C21st Animist covering all aspects of an animistic lifestyle.
A community of people ‘relating’. Subscribe to the channel and join us.

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