About Us

About Us

Celtic Earth Spirit – practitioners of The Old Ways & the path of the Awenyddion (Dreamweavers/Walkers between the Worlds) in the tradition of the mainland of the British Isles (Brythonic).

The Old Ways are the indigenous knowledge, philosophy, customs and practices of the sacred relationship between all that is; the land, animals, plants & the elements of nature and the realms.

The ‘Old Ways’ are the magic of the Earth Herself, the essence which binds all things together, which will last far longer than the time of mankind.

Tan Harvey is the founder of Celtic Earth Spirit.
Always an Earth Spirit (astrologically her Sun, Ascendant, Moon & Mercury are all in the Earth sign of Capricorn, born at dawn, under a new moon on the 1st of the 1st) – her relationship with nature, wildlife and Mother Earth have always been foremost. A Wildcrafter since childhood she dreams of becoming totally self-sufficient.

“I owe an awful lot of what I am to a wonderful couple called Mr. & Mrs. Lucas, who were my surrogate grandparents – they moved in next door when I was about 18 months old and I called them ‘Lukie’; it was they who taught me the Old Ways & the mysteries of the natural world.

Mrs. Lucas taught me about healing plants, and how to cook (lotions and potions), Mr. Lucas taught me how to grow my own organic food, folk-lore, custom and practice and how to connect with and through the natural world around me. I spent every available waking moment in their company. 
My mother used to disparagingly refer to Mrs. Lucas as ‘The Witch’ – you know in hindsight I gladly think that she was probably right.”

I have continued my learning & development through endless hours of study (including Herbalism,  Celtic Folk-lore & ancient Mythologies),  courses (leading to my qualification in permaculture) and most importantly working with nature, the plants & animals themselves – Peace /|\ Tan

We really hope that you find the website useful, a lot of hours go into keeping it running.

The Tribe

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Keeper of the Old Lore & Gramarye
Permaculture Designer
Earth Warrior

Awenydd  Woodsman    Website Editor

Musician  Website Editor

Former Tribe Members – Now crossed to the Rainbow Bridge – your wings were ready my fur-babies but my heart wasn’t – Tan XXX

Dylan - R.I.P. 26/08/2016

Head of security - shredding papers - no-one would steal our identities

Kira - R.I.P. 26/05/2016

Head of Activities - as little as possible is what counted