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Celtic Earth Spirit – Animists, Shamanists & Keepers of The Knowledge of the Cunning Folk.

Animism & Shamanism – the sacred relationship between all that is; the land, animals, plants,the elements of nature and the Otherworld.

The Cunning Folk (Wise-Women & Cunning Men) are the people with the ability to achieve things in a clever way. They are shrewd & wily, with an instinctive skill and intuitive knowledge and a deep relationship to the land. They are well-versed in the folk-arts; the expressive & practical culture associated with the fields of folklore and cultural heritage which encompass folk magic, divination and folk remedies amongst many other things.

Their knowledge & beliefs can be evidenced through the folklore, mythologies, customs & practices of the archipelago of the British Isles (Briton). Descendents of the old cunning folk still exist who have inherited knowledge handed down through generations. In recent times the discipline of Archaeology has added some valuable insights into our ancient ancestors.

Celtic Earth Spirits Aim is to keep this knowledge alive & record it for posterity.

Working with the magic of the Earth Herself, the essence which binds all things together; which will last far longer than the time of mankind.

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The Tribe

Chris Hurst
  • Level 2 Cert. Counselling (NCFE 2021)
  • Permaculture Teacher (ToT 2020)
  • Level 3 in Education & Training (AET 2020)
  • Permaculture (PDC 2010)
  • Diploma in Herbalism (S.H.N.S. 2004)

About Chris Hurst

Animist, Writer, Earth Mother, Herbalist & Founder of Celtic Earth Spirit

I am a practitioner of the Old Ways of the British Archipelago, which are animistic. I was taught by my Grandmother (a village wise-woman), from as soon as I was old enough to start learning. She also taught me that I had to pass the knowledge on.
I have been doing this through my website, YouTube channel and writing for many years now. I am also qualified as a teacher of adults.

About Emma

‘Green Living’ editor & researcher. Social media marketer. Trainee WordPress Editor

Emma is an avid researcher into all aspects of green living. She is particularly interested in the suitability of products for use around households with pets. She is also a ‘dab-hand’ at social media platforms. Her assistance in both of these areas will be really useful.

About Emma
  • Permaculture (PDC 2010)
Celebrating the Seasons - tree showing 4 seasons

Volunteer Vacancies

We have opportunities for people who share our worldview and would like to gain experience in any of the areas that we cover. If you are interested in joining us please contact us. Our volunteers get discounts/free access to our membership and events; training and an interesting addition to their C.V. plus we are always happy to provide references.

About Our Former Tribe Members

About Simon Baker

Woodsman & Wildlife Landscaper

Simon has been an Animist & Earth Warrior rooted in the land from a very early age. He now works with gardens, landscapes and woodlands. Acting as ‘right-hand man’ on EarthCamps due to his range of bushcraft skills and developing shamanic abilities, his ‘Earth-connection’ was invaluable.

About Simon

Now crossed to the Rainbow Bridge – your wings were ready my fur-babies but my heart wasn’t – Chris XXX


Dylan – R.I.P. 26/08/2016

Head of security
Shredding papers – no-one would steal our identities

Kira – R.I.P. 26/05/2016

Head of Activities
As little as possible is what counted


We really hope that you find the website useful, a lot of effort and hours go into keeping it running.