Ethos -  the world and nature

Our Ethos – What are the beliefs, customs and practices of Celtic Earth Spirit.

  • ‘Fair exchange is no robbery’- An exchange of two things of equal value is a reasonable and honest trade (time/effort/goods/money/everything). A concept always taught by Chris’s grandparents.This was especially important when dealing with ‘Themsleves‘ (the Fae Folk). 
  • Celtic Earth Spirit is a resource for Animists and followers of the Cunning Craft or those interested in learning. This is how we pass on knowledge. The website, our pages/groups on social media and the YouTube Channel will always be free to access.
  • We do provide paid for content in the form of Courses and Workshops; and we also have a The Herbal Apothecary, our store which provides essential botanical supplies.
  • Where Celtic Earth Spirit provides paid for content the policy is ‘reasonable and honest trade‘ – always offering excellent value for money.
  • Celtic Earth Spirit also offers the chance for people to support us through our paid membership in ‘Wild Spirituality‘, where in addition to all of the free articles return they also get access to masterclasses and podcasts. This enables us to continue providing all the free content (and helps us to pay our bills).
  • Our Ethos is The fundamental character & spirit of our culture.