Winter Solstice Sun from rise to set

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Our Membership has been simplified and improved. It is now housed on our new Substack site, along with all of its content.

The aim of our membership is to create community. Our focus is A Wild Spirituality; that connects Landscape, Ancestors, Story & Soul.

Learn to be Mad, to be Howling Wild,
to be the Earth Mothers’ Child and to
Walk with the Elements Around You

All of nature is interconnected & sacred, all things possess the ‘life force’. With a constant interaction between the human psyche & the numinous environment, the intellect & nature are entwined. Our true selves are wild.
Rediscover, reawaken and reconnect with your true wild self through our posts, podcasts and videos. Fill your life with awe and wonder again.
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A Wild Spirituality that connects Landscape, Ancestors, Story & Soul. All in existence is Sacred.
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