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With one of our Workshops

Undertake a voyage of discovery into the Customs, Lore & Traditions of mainland Britain. 
Borne out of the practices & knowledge of our Ancestors, passed down through the generations & evolving as they travelled; they are the magic of the land Herself and are now our common folk-history, culture & heritage.

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Talking With Trees

Two Trees


Trees Talk to Each Other in a  Language that We Can Learn

  • Find out about their family bonds & relationships
  • How they communicate & interact
  • Learn how to see their energy fields
  • Hear their heartbeat & pulse
  • Hugging allowed but not compulsory

You will never look at trees in the same light again

Part 1

The village wise-woman/cunning-man was a cross between apothecary/healer, midwife and wildcrafter – a mainstay of their practice was their knowledge of making lotions ‘n’ potions and how each type would be used – learn the range of options available & how to craft them. 

  • Oil Infusions
  • Salves
  • Liniments
  • Teas/Tisanes/Decoctions
  • Tinctures
  • Compresses/Fomentations/Stupes
  • Poultices 

Lotions 'N' Potions



Part 2

“Nature itself is the best Physician” – Hippocrates

The majority of the effective properties that nature provides are to be found in plants or trees as Herbs/Gums/Resins.

Focusing on the knowledge of  how these properties can be utilised we will make:

  • A Herbal Oil Infusion
  • An Oleo-resin Salve. 
  • Health & Safety when using natural substances for cosmetic purposes.

The information provided in these workshops is for educational purposes – it is not intended to equip you with the ability to provide a diagnosis or cure.

Before the advent of the national health service (1948) all doctors & medicines had to be paid for. It was expensive, VERY expensive.

  • In 1931 each doctors visit cost 5 Shillings (25p)
  • A widows pension was 10 Shillings (50p) per week
  • A farm labourer earned £1-11s-3d (£1.55) per week
In the BBC archives Doctors tell of doing minor operations on kitchen tables and chemists talk about how the available medications were generally either ineffective or dangerous.
      It is understandable why people still relied on the folk-medicine that had been handed down for millenia and the wise women/cunning men who carried the knowledge of it.

Hedgerow Remedies



The majority of plants from which folk-medicine obtained its sources are to be found growing in our hedgerows or woodland edges.

      Find out more about our natural resources that provided remedies for almost all ailments.

Many of these plants can also be cultivated in our own gardens.

We will take a deeper look at 6 species

  • Hawthorn
  • Elder
  • Plantain
  • Calendula (Pot Marigold)
  • Mugwort
  • All-Heal (Valerian)

The information provided in this workshops is for educational purposes – it is not intended to equip you with the ability to provide a diagnosis or cure.

Permaculture Based Workshops

Give Your Plants a Fighting Chance

misplaced penguin
Light sandy soil

If you lived in the desert you wouldn’t go out and get a penguin as a pet – the conditions just aren’t right for them. But when it comes to plants would you know which were suited to the soil pictured, or even what type of soil it was?

Many plants fail because they are just not suited to the type of soil in your garden, but do you know how to identify what type of soil you have? It can make the difference betweeen success & failure.

This workshop will:

  • Help you to identify your soil type
  • Learn how & what you need to improve your soil
  • Enable you to buy the right plants that will thrive

(Sorry we hate to disappoint but you will never turn a heavy clay into a light sandy soil – move house)

Herb Garden Design

Herb raised bed
Monaster Herb Garden

Have you always dreamt of having a herb garden?
Never been sure of where to start?
Wondered about designs?
Not quite sure where to locate it?
Undecided about which herbs?

This is the workshop for you

Have fun designing your own herb garden with help and guidance on designs, materials, shape, locaction and selection of herbs.