These workshops celebrate the customs, lore & practices that are our heritage and culture, they were born out of The Old Ways – the ways of our Brythonic Ancestors who stood upon the land on which we now stand (mainland Britain) they were part of the magic of the land Herself.

The workshops are available to book for your own event or venue – to find out more please contact us.

Jack-O-Lantern (Samhain/Halloween)

New Date – Sunday 29/10/2017 – at Enchantica,

Bolebridge Mews, Tamworth B79 7PA – 2.00pm           £5

Pumpkin carving is perhaps the best know tradition of Halloween, but pumpkins were not the first vegetable to be used. Long before pumpkin carving became popular, our Brythonic ancestors were carving turnips and lighting them with embers, to protect themselves.

How would carving a turnip protect you? Why were they called Jack-O-Lanterns? Find out this & other strange customs & practices of this festival.

Raven - The Myth and The Magic

The Raven is the epitome of parallel evolution – he features in the Myths of all indigenous cultures across the world; from Australian Aboriginal, Native American and Norse to Siberian. In the Mythologies of our own Brythonic lands he features heavily, appearing again and again, serving very important & particular roles, colouring our thoughts & imagination.

Meet Raven,  understand his importance and learn his magic

Green Man Mask Making (May Day/Beltane)

‘May Day’ is the old Brythonic (now Celtic) festival known as Beltane, celebrating the start of the farming year and the height of the fertility of the land and the animals – our ancestors had some weird & wonderful rites & practices to ensure that this fertility came about.
Make a ‘Green Man Mask’ whilst you discover the role that this peculiar character played.

Corn Dolly

Autumn Equinox Corn Dolly

The autumn equinox is the last of three harvest festivals – the last of the grain crops are in and tradition has it that a ‘Corn Dolly’ is made from the last sheaf of wheat to be harvested – Why? – What do you do with it? – learn how to weave with wheat (making your own Corn Dolly to take home with you) and all about the strange customs, practices and other folk-lore traditions, most of which are hundreds of years old. 

Yule Log (Wood) - Winter Solstice, Yule

Winter Solstice – the shortest day and the longest night – the Sun appears to stand still for several days (Sol – Sun, Sistere – to cause to stand still) – our ancestors burnt a log in the hope that its light would encourage the Sun to return – if it went out there would be terrible luck. Make your own decorative Yule log – make sure that the Sun returns.

Egg Decorating - Spring Equinox (Ostara)

What have eggs & bunnies got to do with the crucifixion and resurrection? Absolutely nothing – so what are they really about?

Decorate your own egg whilst you discover the answer along with more Equinox customs.

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