What is Animism?

Until the arrival of Christianity in Britain, with the mission of Augustine in 597 AD, our ancestors were Animistic – a whole way of life that is based on very different relationships and interactions with the natural world than our ‘capitalist culture’ of today offers. Animism is extremely complex and deep and provides a real meaning to life, and despite the church and states attempts at wiping out animistic cultures (not only in the Uk but worldwide) they never fully succeeded; especially in rural areas. Animism envelops every aspect of life; and will change your life.

If we could sum up Animism in one sentence we would describe it as being about relationships;

The relationship with all that is

A Living Animate World

It is about how we relate to, react and interact with a living animate world around us in symbiosis. The relationship starts with the land beneath your feet and its energies which are unique to each individual place. This helps to form the culture of an area, the culture of the people who inhabit that area and their world-view.

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