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Celtic Earth Spirit – Animists, Shamanists & Keepers of The Old Ways.

 Animism & Shamanism – the sacred relationship between all that is; the land, animals, plants,the elements of nature and the Otherworld. The Old Ways are the knowledge, philosophy, folklore, mythologies, customs and practices of the mainland of the British Isles (Brythonic).

Working with the magic of the Earth Herself, the essence which binds all things together; which will last far longer than the time of mankind.

The Tribe

Chris Hurst

Chris Hurst

Animist, Herbalist, Village Wise-Woman & Founder of Celtic Earth Spirit

I’m Chris,  I’m also a trained teacher, counsellor, permaculture designer and a natural intuitive. I have been coaching & teaching deep nature connection, animistic & shamanistic practices and the ‘Old Ways’ of the British Isles for over 12 years. 
Deep nature connection is an intimate relationship with our natural environment of which we are an intrinsic part. It allows us to reconnect with our true selves and find our spirituality.
With nature and/or Otherworld (as necessary) I am dedicated to helping people to find the answers that they they seeking, nurture their own unique gifts and achieve their best life.
I use my Permaculture Design skills to help people to develop their own garden or landscape into a foraging/supplies & wildlife wonderland. A place that will provide them with food security & natural medicinal plants, whilst benefitting nature and still looking absolutely fantastic. All with much lower maintenance than a ‘traditional’ garden.

Simon Baker

Woodsman & Wildlife Landscaper

Simon has been an Animist & Earth Warrior rooted in the land from a very early age. He now works with gardens, landscapes and woodlands. Our ‘right-hand man’ on EarthCamps due to his impressive range of bushcraft skills and developing shamanic abilities, his ‘Earth-connection’ is invaluable.

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Volunteer Vacancies

Website Design, Social Media, Events, Video

We have opportunities for people who share our worldview and would like to gain experience in any of the areas that we cover. If you are interested in helping us in any of the areas listed please contact us. Our volunteers get discounts/free access to our membership and events; training and an interesting addition to their C.V. plus we are always happy to provide references.

Former Tribe Members

Now crossed to the Rainbow Bridge – your wings were ready my fur-babies but my heart wasn’t – Chris XXX

Dylan – R.I.P. 26/08/2016

Head of security

Shredding papers – no-one would steal our identities

Kira – R.I.P. 26/05/2016

Head of Activities

As little as possible is what counted .

We really hope that you find the website useful, a lot of effort and hours go into keeping it running.

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