Elen of the Ways

Elen of the Ways

Elen of the Ways is probably the most ancient female Deity that we have on the mainland of what is called Britain today. It is believed that she dates back to the Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) era. Our ancestors were Animistic & Shamanistic; ways that have come down the millennia and are still with us today.

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Elen of the Ways - A female, antlered Deity
Elen of the Ways - appearing as 'The Ancestor' in the Wildwood Tarot Deck
Image of Elen of the Ways
Elen - by_carlcom66-d8sdrs5-Deviant Art

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Antler Frontlet
Antler Frontlet from Star Carr

Star Carr

One of the most important archaeological digs in the UK, dating back to the 9,000 BC – the Mesolithic (middle stone age) included over 21 Antler-Frontlets, an artefact which aids the corporeal transformation of a human body into that of a deer.

This dig provided some of the most tangible evidence that we have of our ancestors Animistic/Shamanistic practices and the importance of the deer in their spiritual cosmology.

Pendant from Star Carr
Star Carr Pendant - an amulet for personal spiritual protection