The Wild Hunt

Gwynn ap Nudd

The Wild Hunt; a belief that occurs in all regions of the Boreal Forest (A circumpolar forest that rings the Northern Hemisphere. Mostly north of the 50th parallel). A belief that may be as old as mankind itself. In Welsh mythology Gwynn ap Nudd is the leader of the wild hunt. Apart from being the leader who is Gwynn? What exactly is his role?

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The Land Beneath our Feet - Mountain picture

The Land on Which We Stand

What do we mean by ‘The Land on Which We Stand’? Why should we take the land into consideration?

Geology (the solid Earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the processes by which they change over time) affects and infects the people who live upon it.

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Meet Anima Loci.Photograph of Llyn Cau - Cader Idris - Spirit of Place

Meet Anima Loci, the Spirit of Place

Well I have typed the title and now I have some words on the page; which is a good start. It seemed like a good idea. I really do want folk to meet Anima Loci, The Spirit of Place, but can I do it? I mean can I do it in words; black type on a white page.

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