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This course provides a wide and broad understanding for those who want to really learn about Native British Animism. Animism 101 is for all those who are interested in cultivating a greater affinity with a world brimming with intelligent presences.

Animists have for millennia had the intuitive knowing of nature as a great soul or psyche; as alive, filled with purpose, meaning and mysterious creativity.

The world is a vast animate (and hence ‘sentient’) being.

Animism changes lives


By the end of the course you should know and have an understanding of:

  • The background of British Animism and how we got to where we are today
  • The various functions that we (humans) possess that enable our connection with, and the ‘knowing’ of the rest of the natural world
  • How our functions work to enable development of relationships
  • The numinosity within nature
  • The skills and practices that form the basis of a relationship with the rest of the natural world for life


The course is delivered over 23 lessons and is designed to be worked through slowly. The course is designed to provide a broad understanding, the depth will rely on how much work you put into it. Exercises are dotted throughout the course; these are perhaps one of the most important parts. They will develop your practical abilities and help you to build your skills.

Lessons 1 – 4 – The Introduction

Animism is something much deeper and more profound than any of the dictionary definitions portray. These lessons will help you to understand how the compulsive labeling, comparison and judgement of the analytical mind has created the mainstream’s missunderstanding of the term Animism.

Lessons 5 – 10 – The Knowing

Animism is about the cultivation of a deep, direct perception of reality, incorporating an embodied connection with the natural world that gives us life. Within this we develop a direct relationship with everything in the web of life. The perception/connection/relationship depends upon us developing the ‘knowing’ of the Animist. Human beings only have four ways of ‘knowing’, these are covered in this section.

Lessons 11 – 18 – The Numinous Nature of Nature

We talk about connection and relationship, but what are we relating to, what are we connecting with? What is the Numinosity (a strong sacred/spiritual quality) within Nature?

Lessons 19 – 24 – How to begin Connecting

We have looked at the functions that enable us to connect, we have looked at what we are connecting with. Now lets look at the how? How do we connect? This section is about the DOING

At the end of each lesson spend some time reviewing the information, thinking about how it may apply to your life, the way that you think about things and see the world around you. If the lesson has an exercise, spend a couple of days on it (at least) before you move on to the next lesson: READ, REVIEW, DO.

Animism is experiential, it connects you with the numinous (strong spiritual quality) energy in the rest of the natural world. If you don’t DO you will not experience and not connect.

The exercises are not ‘one-off’s’, they are designed to be practiced on a regular basis – as the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’.

Tutor Support

The course comes with tutor support which is provided via the Forum – to ask a new question just create a new topic, you can also reply to any topic.

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  1. Animism - What's In a Word?
  2. Animism - The Backstory (Britain)
  3. Animism - Today
  4. What is Animism? - Video
  5. The Four Ways of Knowing - Introduction
  6. Thinking
  7. Feeling
  8. Sensing
  9. Intuition
  10. Putting It All Together
  11. What Animates Us?
  12. Anima Loci - The Spirit of Place
  13. The Land on Which We Stand + Video
  14. Subjects Not Objects
  15. Two Sides of the Same Coin
  16. Gaia Theory & the Sciences
  17. Spiritual Development
  18. Plug Yourself In
  19. Walkabout Exercise
  20. Growing Into Our Full Humanity
  21. Expanding Your Consciousness & Receiving Revelations
  22. Encountering
  23. This Skylark will change your life

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