EarthCamp Archive – Autumn 2018 – Stories in Stone

Earth Camp Autumn 2018

Thurs 11th – Sunday 14th October

Stories in Stone

Autumn Camp focuses on the ‘stories’ (the information & energies) contained in the stones; Menhirs, Standing Stones, Stone Circles, Cairns and the ‘rock of the land on which we stand’ of this sacred and ancient area. The connections that we gain through them, with the land and the ancestors of this area (the Ordovices Tribe) are extremely powerful.

The Earth is alive; a living dynamic system – now called Earth Systems Science.
Landscape and place exert influences. In the animistic world view the life-force energy flows through everything and, as it flows through landscape and place it is influenced by their features, helping to create a unique ‘Spirit of Place’.
In turn landscape and place are influenced by everything that happens within them and the land records its own past in the geologic record, so becomes an archive of ancient conditions and events.

Humankind has utilised stone for millenia from recording things of importance; Paleolithic art on cave walls, ancient burial sites, stone circles to modern day tombstones through to the vibrational energies of crystals.

Come and join us for this journey – leave your everyday life behind – allow the stories held in stone to help you grow

Afon Gwynant (Gwyns Stream)

We will be engaging with the following sites


  • Pared-y-Cefn-Hir
  • Craig y Castell

Stone Circle

  • Arthog Ring Cairn

Y Ffordd Ddu (The Black Road) – a trackway in continuous use since at least the Bronze Age


  • Hafoty-Fach cairns

Standing Stones

  • Rhos Hafotty Carneddau
  • Carreg y Big (Menhir)
  • Cregennen standing  stone (Menhir)

Llys Bradwen

  • Llys (Hall)  of   Ednowain ap Bradwen

This is a mountainous area – walking boots are required – all walks are led for your safety – for those who have difficulty walking transport is provided.



  • 14.00 – Arrival & Set-up
  • 16.00 – Opening Ritual
  • 18.00 – Evening Meal
  • 20.00 – Rock Drumming around the Campfire


  • 9.00 -Morning grounding & connection
  • 10.00 – 16.00 – Cregennen – Here the Ordovices tribe lived & died, connect with them through the funery & ritual relics that they left – 3 standing stones, Pared-y-Cefn-Hir Hillfort & Hafoty Fach Cairns. Working with the energies of rock & crystal.
  • 18.00 – Evening Meal
  • 20.00 – ‘The Making of Cader’ around the Campfire


  • 9.00 – Morning grounding & connection
  • 10.00 – 16.00 – Llys Bradwen, Arthog Ring Cairn & Y Ffordd Ddu (The Black Road) – workshop ‘Idris & The Welsh Genealogies’, Walk the Bronze Age road in the footsteps of our ancestors.
  • 18.00 – Evening Meal
  • 20.00 – Stories, Lore & Legends around the Campfire.


  • 9.00 – Morning grounding & connection
  • 10.00 – 12.00 – Short walk to Craig Y Castell Hillfort a chance to bid farewell to the ancestors for this year.
  • 13.00 – closing ritual
  • Strike down camp
Standing Stone at Cregennan Lakes above Earth Camp
Cregennan Menhir
View of Cadair Idris from Earth Camp
Cadair from the Campsite
Afon Gwynant (Gwyns Stream)
Afon Gwynant (Gwyns Stream)
Arthog Ring Cairn
Arthog Ring Cairn
Carreg Y Big Menhir
Carreg Y Big Menhir
Cader Idris Ordovician Rock
Cader Idris Ordovician Rock

Earth Camp is a place of rediscovery – in this sacred land unchanged for millennia, a place that our ancestors from the Bronze-Age and beyond would recognise – in fact they are still there waiting to meet you.

Included in the Price

  • All campground fees
  • Workshops, Walks & Activities – including transport to sites
  • Evening Meals & Basics

Cader Idris (on whose lower slopes our camping ground is sited) is a ‘Sacred Mountain’ – a place of special energies. This is borne out by the sheer number of relics on this prehistoric funerary and ritual landscape of our ancestors that are situated all across the mountain (we are working with just a few of these).

‘EarthCamp -Stories in Stone’ is our chance to connect with the people (the Ordovices) who inhabited this ancient, undisturbed landscape (BCE) through their ancient stone relics. It is also our chance to connect with the land through the energies of the 450-500 million year old Ordovician rocks that form this landscape.

Across the Welsh landscape there are dotted a few magical places that are, traditionally, according to Welsh Folklore and local knowledge, entrances to the mysterious realm of Annwn (see below). One of these places is Cader Idris.