To book one of Celtic Earth Spirits workshops for your own event or venue please contact us. These workshops can also be adapted to present as talks. See ‘Dates For Your Diary’ (below) for events near to you.

Talking With Trees

Talking With trees

Trees Talk to Each Other in a Language that We Can Learn

  • Find out about family bonds & relationships
  • How they communicate & interact
  • Learn how to see their energy fields
  • & How to connect with their energy
  • Hear their heartbeat & pulse
  • What & How they can teach us
  • Hugging them allowed but not compulsory

You will never look at trees in the same light again

Herbal Masterclass

natural herbs for remedies

“Nature itself is the best Physician” – Hippocrates

Have the confidence to make your own herbal products, cosmetics and remedies at home from totally natural ingredients.

A whole day covering all you need to know.

Returning To Yourself

Image of Girl sitting gazing at the moon

“Finding Yourself” isn’t the right description. You are not a £20 note in last winters coat pocket. You are also not lost. Your true self is still there, just buried underneath years of cultural conditiong, other peoples beliefs and wrong conclusions that you came to as a child. These became your beliefs about who you are.

You need to go through the process of ‘unlearning’, ‘excavating’ and remembering who you were before the world got its hands on you.

Create a Foragers & Wildlife Garden

Illustration of a fruit tree guild

A clever way to put gardens together guilds provide a massive mixture of productive growth.

Put together well they are a thing of beauty. Get it right and you will end up with an area that looks after itself, forming its own ecosystem, at the same time as providing you with up to 7 X the amount of food in contrast to a single species.

Propagating Food Plants for Free

Illustration of Fruit Propagating

There are many ways in which plants can be propagated (get new plants from existing ones). Learn about collecting seeds, taking cuttings (hard and soft-wood), plant division, layering, basal cuttings and rhizome and root cuttings.

You may never need to buy another plant.

Dates For Your Diary

Dates already booked will appear here with links to the event.

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