Animism-Shamanism are closely linked. Animism forms the culture out of which Shamanism is born and all three; Culture, Animism & Shamanism vary depending upon the goegraphical area in which they are situated and the geology of the land on which you stand. What is Animism? If we could sum up Animism in one sentence we … Read more

Folklore Mythology Culture

Our Folklore Mythology Culture is ingrained into our very souls, our blood and our bones; it is in our DNA. This has been handed down in our genetics through uncountable generations of our ancestors. We not only find beliefs and practices recorded in our folklore and mythology, we find it expressed in our age-old practices … Read more

Celtic Earth Spirit

Celtic Earth Spirit & Herbal Apothecary – A Resource for Followers of The Old Ways –
The indigenous Brythonic (Celtic/British) culture.