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Talking With Trees

Talking With trees

Trees Talk to Each Other in a Language that We Can Learn

  • Find out about family bonds & relationships
  • How they communicate & interact
  • Learn how to see their energy fields
  • & How to connect with their energy
  • Hear their heartbeat & pulse
  • What & How they can teach us
  • Hugging them allowed but not compulsory

You will never look at trees in the same light again

Herbal Masterclass

natural herbs for remedies

“Nature itself is the best Physician” – Hippocrates

Have the confidence to make your own herbal products, cosmetics and remedies at home from totally natural ingredients.

A whole day covering all you need to know.

Create a Wild-Woman’s Garden

A Wise-Woman's Garden

The Wise-Woman or Cunning Man collectively known as Cunning folk, were the folk healers or wise folk within the village. Their practices were known as the Cunning Craft. They sourced their supplies by either foraging for them in nature or growing them themselves.

Their gardens were therefore a place of great importance. They provided not only their food but also the medicinal plants and herbs needed to make remedies, lotions and potions. Learn how to design & create your own.

Propagating Food Plants

Illustration of Fruit Propagating

There are many ways in which plants can be propagated (get new plants from existing ones). Learn about collecting seeds, taking cuttings (hard and soft-wood), plant division, layering, basal cuttings and rhizome and root cuttings.

You may never need to buy another plant.

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