Earth Camp Archive Autumn 2017

Autumn Earth Camp 2017 ran from October 12th to October 15th – its focus was the ‘Otherworld’ & the ‘Elements’

Earth Camp Itinerary

Afon Gwynant
Afon Gwynant in Spate
Attemting to launch the kite
Keith trying to persaude Air to play
Cregennan - 3 of the lads
Three of the lads in harmonny with the lake
Cregennan Hill Fort
Bronze Age Hillfort location
The Very Last Log
Communicating with air
Communicating with Air

What an amazing weekend – we most certainly connected with the Elements. Walking the labyrinth at dusk imparted an immensely strong magical quality to everyones experience. Dusk; the inbetween time when the qualities of both day and night are making their presence felt allowed a deep connection with both the light and dark elements of our inner psyche, paving the way for the evenings focus on Gwyn.

A presentation of the ‘conversation between Gwyn and Gwyddno Garanhir’ was followed by a talk/discussion on Gwyn, his role and attributes. With impeccable timing a solitary rogue wind came out of nowhere and, hitting the top of the community tent (didn’t touch the sides) pushed it downwards onto our heads. This was no mean feat with a tent that large; it wasn’t so much the energy of the ‘Wild Hunt’ doing a fly-by as the ‘Wild Hunt’ landing on top of the tent. Gwyn was definitely showing his approval of our recognition of him and who he is.

The Friday morning revealed that the rain which had driven us into the community tent the evening before had continued all night and was intending to do so for the rest of the day; a quick re-planning of the itinerary ensued. We may not have been able to do the envisaged exercise to connect us with the element of water; but there again we didn’t need to.

Nature in all its glory put on a spectacular display for us; stood by the side of the Gwynant (Gwyn’s Stream) we witnessed the sheer tumultuous power of squillions of water molecules, each fighting the other for space as they hurled themselves downstream, roaring as they threw themselves over rocks and thrashing at the banks they came within an inch of escaping into the freedom of the field.

With a little creative planning all other workshops ran (albeit not to the timetable) but the thing that absolutely ‘made’ the event was the people attending. There was not an ‘ego’ in sight; all were there for the genuine purpose of finding their connection and put their hearts and souls into the process.

I thank each and every one of you for your amazing energies and the effort that you put in to the group as a whole. We truly lived as a tribe (as we should do on each camp). It was a pleasure to meet you and to share energy and space with you, I truly hope that we meet again.

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