Lore & Gramarye

Welcome to ‘Lore & Gramarye’, Celtic Earth Spirits’ new learning section.

The ‘Old Ways’ are an entire culture (the ideas, customs & social behaviour of our ancestors living in mainland Britain before the advent of Christianity); a whole way of life that is based on very different relationships and interactions with the natural world around you than our ‘capitalist culture’ offers. They envelop every aspect of life; and will change your life.

The ‘Lore’ is the body of traditions & knowledge held by this culture and the ‘Gramarye’ is the mystical and magical information

Having run actual ‘physical’ courses and workshops for several years, opening up the ‘Old Ways’ to anyone who was interested. Celtic Earth Spirit has been wanting to offer the same opportunity online for some time. The problem has been how to format the information to make it suitable for distance learning.

Growing up in the ‘Old Ways’, Tan was taught by grandparents and the learning was organic, it filtered into everything that you did. It is the very best way to learn, naturally, not by rote or structured lesson (as in school) but by exploration and experience. Once you have experience something for yourself you know it, you don’t need proof or faith or belief.

Celtic Earth Spirit feels that not only is this the best way to learn, it is also the best way to teach. We are not putting our teaching into a long structured course with individual lessons, neatly compartmentalised to cover different aspects/concepts; where you start at the ‘beginning’ and work through to the end. Why not? – because life isn’t like that, you cannot compartmentalise life.

When you are teaching a child about the world in which they live you do so naturally and organically; you do not go out and kill something just so that you can teach a child about death and loss, you teach them about this if/when somebody dies or you lose something very precious from your life. This is one of the great lessons that the ‘Old Ways’ teaches; how to ‘go with the flow’, how to ‘roll with the punches’. What you learn or want to learn will depend on what is happening in your life at the time.

Our teaching is presented in short, seperate, in-depth modules, each will ‘stand alone’ but also builds into an entire body of knowledge. It doesn’t matter which order they are done in. Trust your instincts (another great lesson), what you are drawn to will be what you need at that time. When you have completed a module you are not finished with it; this is just the start of your new relationship with life.

This is an adventure like no other, learning to see with ‘the eyes of a child’ again; where every new stone that you overturn will have you saying ‘wow’.

Please bear with us whilst we build this for you; be prepared for videos, exercises (that’s right you actually have to DO something to experience it), quizzes and some very new and strange experiences.

Modules will be released as we complete them.