Plants Personalities – How to Develop Relationships

Plants have personalities?? Most definitely.

Developing a relationship with a plant is not too dissimilar to developing a relationship with another living being. When we first meet another being we don’t know if we want to be friends with them. Because we don’t know anything about them.

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Glass containing oil & water

Oil & Water Don’t Mix – Implications in Lotions ‘N’ Potions

Oil and water don’t mix, they are what is called immiscible. It was a proverb that Grandma Lukie always used in relation to making herbal preparations; Grandma Lukie was very fond of proverbs. Let’s get technical for just a moment.

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In the SecretGarden

OK – so we changed the name of the blog from EarthBlog to SecretGarden – Why? In the SecretGarden explains.

There was nothing wrong with the name EarthBlog per se. It had seemed a natural name to pick; being the blog section of Celtic Earth Spirit whose aim is to be a resource of all things ‘Old Ways’; our indigenous earth-centred culture.

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