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OK – so we changed the name of the blog from EarthBlog to SecretGarden – Why? In the SecretGarden explains.

There was nothing wrong with the name EarthBlog per se. It had seemed a natural name to pick; being the blog section of Celtic Earth Spirit whose aim is to be a resource of all things ‘Old Ways’; our indigenous earth-centred culture.

The Blog is a great place to put all the articles on subjects which maybe didn’t have a logical place to call home in the main section of the website; or would otherwise have made some of the pages so large that finding information would have been nigh on impossible (a bit like this sentence). It still is. Nothing has changed in that respect.

As a blog about all things ‘Old Ways’; a vast array of subjects which, whilst ‘Earth-centred’ cover our relationship with ‘all that is’, the name EarthBlog didn’t feel quite …’with it’?? In fact sometimes it felt quite limiting – hence the need to change.

How we relate to ‘all that is’ governs who we are and how we behave. Central, but not limited, to this is our relationship with the Earth Herself.

How do we relate to the ‘more things than the eye can see and the ear can hear’? How does the ‘looking glass’ of the Old Ways affect our philosophies? The way that we view the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, our place within it and our attitude that acts as a guiding principle for our behaviour; understandings begun by our ancient ancestors that have evolved through the eons and now incorporate the knowledge that the study of the Quantum brings isn’t just grounded in the Earth.

The modern word ‘Hedgecraft’ (the new buzzword of the Pagan community) is a term that encompasses an understanding of trees, herbs, plants,  natural healing, natural crafts, the formulation of oils, incenses, and brews, natural magic and ‘riding the hedge’ the shamanic art of crossing the hedge or boundary between this world and the Otherworld.

It is the art of the cunning man or cunning wife of the villages and countryside. At periods throughout history much of this knowledge was hidden (it is still there if you know where to dig) – it became secret.

A lot of the knowledge that we seek seems to be just outside of our reach; sometimes it needs a seed to be planted that we can nurture and watch grow until it flowers when we will achieve that ‘light-bulb’ moment of understanding.

A garden is a wonderfully protective place where we can culture these seeds.

Gardens are not only places where things grow, they are also strange places where we will find all sorts of weird & wonderful things. Fairies (the fae) have reportedly been found at the bottoms of gardens; and who knows what else may be found lurking there.

In the SecretGarden:

  • A garden full of secrets
  • A place to dig for hidden knowledge
  • A place to cultivate seeds of inspiration
  • A place to find strange things lurking
A Fairy Door

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