A Swift Kick up the Rump

After receiving a swift kick up the rump from Chris about still consuming artificial sweeteners when I already know the dangers it got me to thinking about things.

I am passionate about the environment, recycling, reusing and trying to make sure my impact is as low as possible. I treat nature with a high degree of respect, but I was not affording myself the same.

So the journey to changing my habits begin! I thought a logical place to start was to look at exactly what was in food and drink that I already had at home. The diet soda that I was drinking contained aspartame, to the surprise of nobody, so that was gone. My sugar free store brand squash did not contain aspartame but contained an artificial sweetener that I had not heard of before; acesulfame k.

Following a quick bit of research I ascertained that it was also not good for you, the same as sucralose. Fortunately, apart from the fruit juice in my fridge that was all that I had in my house that contained the nasty artificial sweeteners. A relatively small change to make to start with. But this has now led to me checking the labels on absolutely everything before purchase. This is only the start of my journey and I am intrigued to see where it takes me.

Following an Earth-Based Spirituality leads us to living in harmony with the land. We have a section on the website dedicated to ‘green living’. Full of inspiration, information and ideas, it is designed to prevent us getting a swift kick up the rump. It also has recipes and solutions for making our own natural alternatives for everyday uses.

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