How Do You Do It?

‘But how do you do it?’

I was recently asked this very question; exactly how do you do it. How do I do my research. How did I know where to start and what to look for. It occurred to me, after being asked this question, that whilst it was obvious to me where to start …

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Ostrich with head in ground, illustrative image for hide or rise

Hide or Rise?

Do we hide or do we rise? I’m talking about our reaction to what is happening to the things that we care about; or at least things that we should care about. I’m talking about all the things that are being eroded and whipped out from under our feet. Things …

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Getting sorted image of soda pop store shelves

Getting Sorted

I think I’m getting sorted. To me logic would stipulate that non diet drinks would not contain artificial sweeteners but alas this is not the case. Everything from ‘full fat’ Dr. Pepper to Fanta contains artificial sweeteners. The only exceptions to this with fizzy drinks are Coca cola and Pepsi. …

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Rowli Pugh & The Ellyll

Rowli Pugh & The Ellyll

Rowli Pugh is a small farmer in Glamorganshire who has fallen on excessively hard times and is about to give everything up in desperation. A tale that was told in ‘British Goblins’ by Wirt Sikes published in 1880.

It is amazing what an Ellyll or two can do.

Going back to our Oral tradition, the tale is presented in Vlog format and is also downloadable as a podcast.

Rowli Pugh & The Ellyll

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Aspartame chemical structure

A Swift Kick up the Rump

After receiving a swift kick up the rump from Chris about still consuming artificial sweeteners when I already know the dangers it got me to thinking about things. I am passionate about the environment, recycling, reusing and trying to make sure my impact is as low as possible. I treat …

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Tallow Plaster - original book frontispiece

Tallow Plaster

Recipe for a ‘Tallow Plaster’ from Dr. Chase’s Recipe’s; published in 1866. This is a recipe for what we now would call ‘butterfly stitches; although somewhat more substantial.