Getting Sorted

I think I’m getting sorted.

To me logic would stipulate that non diet drinks would not contain artificial sweeteners but alas this is not the case. Everything from ‘full fat’ Dr. Pepper to Fanta contains artificial sweeteners. The only exceptions to this with fizzy drinks are Coca cola and Pepsi. There are some lesser known brands such as Cawston Press, however these are harder to get a hold of unless you shop online.

Oh well, for me for now as far as fizzy drinks are concerned I will stick to the ‘full fat’ ones I can get my hands on easier.

Squash on the other proved a little problematic for me to start with. We do the majority of our shopping at Asda. Their selection of artificial sweetener free squash was somewhat lacking to say the least. They had one flavour of Rocks, and only a couple of Belvoir’s, some of which were bottled soft drinks as opposed to squash. This definitely left me a little disappointed that my choices were so limited. Of course I could order online, but I wanted a selection from different companies without having to trawl through several internet pages.

Chris then suggested that I have a look at Sainsburys. So I did. Wow! What a difference! Sainsburys not only had the same couple that Asda also stock but they had more variety. A variety of flavours from the same companies and more companies to look at as well! Belvoir has come out as our favourties at the moment. A large selection of flavours and they are not badly priced either. On Belvoir’s website they not only list their products but also which supermarket each is available in. Ranging from Waitrose to Sainsburys to Ocado.

Yes, I am Getting Sorted

I finally feel like I am making some progress in the right direction and getting settled with my drink choices and enjoying exploring newer more unconventional flavours.

P.S. This post isn’t sponsored by any of the named brands or stores mentioned.

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