Howling, Dancing and Beating Our Drums

(Originally published 03/07/2017)

 Let me set the scene for you:

Celtic Earth Spirit’s Earth Camp – Earth Camp is about connection, it is ALWAYS about connection. The ground on which we are stood is ancient. Ancient sacred ground where the veil between the worlds is thin.

It is the Autumn of 2016 and the connection on which we were focused was ‘Spirits of Place’. Full of expectation but not expecting anything in particular we knew that we would get something. We always get SOMETHING on Earth Camp. The workshop that we were doing was ‘Singing the Threads’ led by Elen Sentier.

Leaving the camping grounds we followed an ancient trail. In the footsteps of generations of our ancestors from the Bronze Age forwards, up into the woods. Stunningly beautiful SSSI ancient Oak and Birch woodland. Listening to music of the Afon Gwynant as it sped past us on its journey from the higher slopes of Cadair Idris down toward the sea. We reached the clearing.

Howling, dancing and beating our drums…………….. It was then that I left my body as I felt a childish presence. Seeing a small group of children playing in the woods I joined them. I turned back to look at the group, including my own body all swaying in time with the drumming. I had time. Time to play, climbing trees and balancing on the old farm wall with these barefooted, pale, scraggly urchins who would have been more at home in a Dickens Novel. They may not have had much but they had something that today’s kids don’t have, they knew how to have fun.

I heard the group being called back – no!, NO!! too soon!, I looked back everyone was looking at my body. Elen was calling me by name; ‘That includes you too, Simon’. With a reluctant sigh I returned to reality; whatever that may be.

Back to Camp

Walking back along the trail to the camping grounds we were passed by a group on a school trip. Six children accompanied by their teacher. I smiled with thoughts of synchronicity passing through my mind. I had just been playing with a group of children (albeit from a very different time) and was now witnessing children of my own time.

Evening time on Earth Camp is always spent around the camp-fire. Story-telling, drumming or as on this occasion discussing the days events and relating our experiences. I related the above experience. On reaching my delight at the synchronicity of the final encounter, on the return journey to camp, had my world rocked when the group turned and looked at me with the words ‘What Children?’

There had been no children, no teacher, no school trip – was I really back at all? – am I even here anyway? Thanks Otherworld – I love you too

Peace and adventure – Simon Sherriff

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