RIP Democracy

RIP Democracy was originally published on 06/12/2015

“We’re surrounded.
Everywhere you look you find masses, droves, gangs of unelected, unaccountable, profit-oriented individuals, corporations and new institutions surfacing everywhere, making official policy in areas ranging from public health to food and agriculture; from taxes to finance and trade…….

The entities they have created have become quasi-governmental bodies co-operating across national frontiers.

Their role is overtly political and they exercise illegitimate power. They work through lobbies but also directly through governments – not just by convincing elected officials to pass this law or that one, but also through obscure ‘expert committees’ or ad-hoc bodies whose quiet ‘mission creep’ may gain them official standing.
Sometimes they form their own powerful international organizations with large budgets devoted to intervention in world affairs. They have become expert in the careful preparation of strategic trade treaties to be negotiated in secret but under the constant surveillance of corporate delegates.
​They’ve got ordinary citizens under their broad thumb, an appendage also used to thumb their noses at the public interest and the common good ….. government in the usual sense, carried out by clearly identifiable, democratically elected officials, is gradually being eroded, sometimes even supplanted by shadow ‘governments’ to which these officials have made huge concessions. This may happen by choice, because officialdom is scared of the giants or admires and wants to pander to them. To be more generous, the bureaucrats and leadership may simply be blind to the long-term implications of their choices. In any case, they have handed over substantial power to these behemoths that now make decisions in innumerable areas that affect our lives.
Excerpt taken from the introduction to ‘Shadow Sovereigns: How Global Corporations are Seizing Power’ By Susan GeorgePolity Books

Here in the UK we are witnessing the effects of this trend ‘big style’ – no prizes for guessing that our own ‘government’ has been incrementally subscribing since the 1980’s. IS the country run by the political party currently in power? – technically it should be – however, you cannot put the ‘latest pet bozo’ (minister) with no experience at the head of a department and expect them to know what they are doing – they are ‘advised’ by the senior members of the civil service (these do not change whatever party is in power) – it is THEY, and whoever they get into bed with, that hold the key to power – if the current ‘minister’ is stupid/thick enough to not understand the implications of; or worse still in league with; what is being proposed then WE are in trouble.


SCARY STUFF – who is running our country? – if you wanted to destroy society as we know it, take away any power that the people have whatsoever, turn a country into the perfect replica of George Orwell’s ‘1984 (some buggers read it and thought ‘what a good idea’) – how would you do it?                   LIKE THIS – 

Hitler 'Control'

Starting with ‘Margaret Thatcher’s role in plan to dismantle welfare state revealed.’ Guardian, 28th December 2012. (accessed 29th May 2013) the DWP – This move is just part of the long-term plan to replace the welfare state with a system funded by private insurance. The DWP are now ‘very firmly in bed with the American healthcare insurance giant Unum Provident Insurance they are the consultants for our welfare reforms – who are they, well in 2005 the California Department of Insurance Commissioner, John Garamendi, stated: “Unum Provident is an outlaw company. It is a company that has operated in an illegal fashion for years – this whole system is ‘self-referential’ – it appeals for validation to itself and disregards any ‘outside’ information. The intentions? there will be NO Welfare State. RIP Democracy.


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