The Great Undoing

Brain-washing the ‘New Age’

Masses are searching; for answers, for meaning, for purpose. For an alternative to the shambles of a capitalist, consumer, materialistic society that is empty and hollow.

‘New-Age’ alternatives seem to provide a very real positive substitute. Something that can feed our souls as well as our bodies, unfortunately the ‘mind’ doesn’t often come into it.

There are thousands of publications, books and websites feeding people bullshit. Equally there are millions who eagerly lap it up without question.

Just one example is ‘The Law of Attraction’. Think happy, positive thoughts, put your intentions for what you want ‘out there’. Say health and happiness – radiate it, spread it and you will get it returned to you. Sometimes, if this is to be believed, 3-fold or maybe even 10-fold – WOW. Rubbish – wrong law.

Everything in this universe follows its laws of physics, its laws of energy (even magical or spiritual energy). ‘The Law of Attraction’ is that OPPOSITES attract. Try playing with magnets; the positive sides repel each other as do the negative sides. Put the positive to the negative and they rush together like an express train. Likewise in the laws of energy everything has an EQUAL and opposite reaction – not 3-fold, not 10-fold. I don’t care if you have Harry Potters effing wand. You are never going to make an apple fall upwards when it comes off the tree.

There are many, many, many more examples but this isn’t about pulling New-Age beliefs apart. This is about WHY the New-Age is so full of misinformation. It is also about WHAT the solution may possibly be.


Go back and re-read my first sentence. Now let me ask you a question. Do you think that the people at the top of this capitalist, consumer society actually want, or would benefit from the masses finding meaning, purpose and an alternative to their system?

Of course they wouldn’t. If the majority of people suddenly became ‘free-thinkers’ and stopped buying into their system it would collapse. They would lose their power and control over the masses and worse still they would lose their economy, their wealth.

What benefits them is to keep us masses ‘enslaved’ to them. Working hard for a pittance to produce the materialistic tat that they reap the profits from.  We then hock ourselves up to the eyeballs to buy these products back, because we have been brainwashed into believing that we cannot live without them. We man the services that keep their systems running smoothly. Thus self-regulating ourselves and at every step the profits go to the people at the top.


Let me ask another question. How would you prevent people from finding a real substitute for your system? From finding a ‘way’ that empowered them, a ‘way’ that was full of elements that actually worked; the real-deal – a ‘way’ that handed back control over their own lives and enabled them to create their own outcomes.

The best prevention is to fill that ‘way’ with misinformation. Things that sound as if they could be plausible but are never going to work in a month of Sundays. Enter ‘The Law of Attraction’. Things that will keep people occcupied and have them believing that they really have found a ‘way’ to put meaning back into their lives. Result – because the ‘mind’ is still not coming into it. People have been brain-washed into believing whatever bullshit is fed to them; hook, line and sinker, without questioning.

To illustrate the level to which things have deteriorated. Whilst using Google Chrome to search for a suitable image to demonstrate misinformation, I was presented with the following advertisement (copied and pasted).

Misinformation at Amazon – Low Prices on Misinformation.Sponsored By Low Prices on Misinformation. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders”

Love n’ Light – vs – Peace n’ Power

What we are left with is a lot of people who will claim that they are ‘Pagan’ (or one of many other alternative spirituality paths) who will tell you emphatically that they ‘only work with love and light’ and that they ‘couldn’t possibly work with anything negative’. They will claim that this is the answer to all of the worlds ills and evils.

These people do truly believe that all that there is ‘to it’ is to put the intentions of love out into the universe and all the wrongs in the world will be overcome. Result (again) for the people at the top. They are now free to run around causing whatever chaos is going to serve them best and to hell with everyone else. The only opposition that they are going to face from this group of ‘free-thinkers’ is a bunch of benignly smiling faces beaming love and light.

On one of the ‘Druid Forums’ I came across a post where somebody was getting there knickers in a twist about the use of the word ‘warrior’. Their point was that we shouldn’t use the word ‘warrior’ as it implied the use of war and aggression and that the Druids of old were exempted from partaking in war.

Firstly in the ‘old’ sense a warrior is somebody who defends. Secondly from what we do know of the ‘Druids of old’ they were capable of stopping warfare by walking into the middle and holding their hands up in a ‘stop’ sign. Why were they capable of doing this? The Druids could do this because they had POWER.

Now, POWER has become another concept that is something to be avoided at all costs. Power is something bad; something that corrupts. Something that is seen as an undesirable trait to possess  – power hungry, power freak, we should not chase power.

To maintain peace we have to be in control. Like the Druids of old, to be in control we need power. Without power we are weak and unable to defend that which is important to us – Peace.

Third result for the people at the top. They have convinced people following many alternative ‘ways’ to willingly give up their power – just hand it over.

The Next Exit

Signpost saying 'Solutions, next exit'

I promised near to the beginning that this was also about WHAT the solution to all of this may possibly be. Usually when people put forward potential solutions it is about learning something new, something useful that can provide an answer. My proposal is the opposite.

Seeking new information these days is fraught with obstacles; if you need me to point them out to you, you haven’t understood what I have said above about misinformation.

We need to ‘take the next exit’ – get off the highway of information overload. We need to ‘unlearn’ all the false values and misinformation that has systematically been engrained into us. Most of all we need to stop being frightened by that which demands no fear (power). The fear of which has been created and instilled purely for the purpose of robbing us of it. We need the great undoing.

I am a believer in genetic memory (instinct); that our DNA carries information and knowledge passed onto to us from our ancestors from time immemorial. We need to go back to what we know instinctively. In this day and age, if we truly revere the Earth and the natural world around us; if we are opposed to the destruction of all values within society then we have to be willing to take on the perpetrators who are causing it – the people at the top.

We are not going to achieve this through falling prey to their tactics of misinformation. If you want to work with energy and utilise it for attainment purposes, at least use the right law of physics to do it. We need to ‘unlearn’ and stop believing the things that have been responsible for our loss of meaning and purpose and regain our powers of free-thought. Undo the damage that has been done. Result – we take away their control over us – let’s become part of;

The Great Undoing

6 thoughts on “The Great Undoing”

  1. Woah-ho! You are on FIRE here! 🙂 I really enjoyed this piece. Although I am one that firmly believes in raising my personal vibe and working out of this place; I so understand your frustration with the free for all that so much of New age condones. WHAT is real is essentially what we are and our relationships to all of that which surrounds us. I was drawn to this website by researching Elen of the Ways and I love what you offer. I’ll be back! 🙂 Warm regards from a sister in Kansas!

  2. Excellent piece Tan. I believe that much of the so called “New Age” tat available is simply part of the system. It promises freedom, but the system says unless you’ve paid for something it must be worthless or ineffective.

    • Precisely Andy – the system is always going to do its best to make sure that you cannot get to anything that is really effective. With the size of the ‘alternative’ market you can be absolutely certain that there are going to be many ‘moles’ within it. Instead of ‘buy this car and you will achieve happiness’ it becomes ‘buy into this course on universal wisdom and you will discover the true meaning of life’ – of course (no pun intended) it only costs several hundred pounds. It is an absolute nightmare for people genuinely seeking indigenous beliefs and practices.

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