Plants Personalities – How to Develop Relationships

Plants have personalities?? Most definitely.
Developing a relationship with a plant is not too dissimilar to developing a relationship with another human being (or any other living creature). When we first meet another being we don’t know if we want to be friends with them; because we don’t know anything about them.

In the SecretGarden

OK – so we changed the name of the blog from EarthBlog to SecretGarden – Why? In the SecretGarden explains.

There was nothing wrong with the name EarthBlog per se. It had seemed a natural name to pick; being the blog section of Celtic Earth Spirit whose aim is to be a resource of all things ‘Old Ways’; our indigenous earth-centred culture.

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Definition of Wildcrafted

Wildcrafting (Foraging) for the C21st

What is called Wildcrafting today we used to call foraging when I was a kid.

As a child, in the 1960’s, I spent many happy hours grubbing about in hedgerows and other wild places, seeking out our indigenous plants for my grandmothers ‘recipes’.

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Frankincense Tree

Frankincense – The Feel-Good Healer

Frankincense – an aromatic resin obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia in the family  Burseraceae, is also known as olibanum.

Latin Name: Boswellia carterii syn. Boswellia sacra

Family: Burseraceae

Common Names: Boswellie, Olibans, Olibanum, Olibano, Salai Tree, Oleo-Gum-Resin

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Mugwort Plant

Wise Woman’s Power Plant – Mugwort

The Wise Woman’s Power Plant – Mugwort. Or to give it it’s proper name Artemisia vulgaris LINN, is rightly justified in being called that. Named after the Hellenic goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, childbirth, the moon, virginity and protector of young girls; Artemis.

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